Agricultural Buildings Insulation

Closed cell polyurethane spray foam has been used in the UK since the mid 1970’s to insulate a variety of agricultural buildings and Isotech has extensive experience going back to this time.

Image of Isotech Sprayfoam insulation contractors applying sprayed foam to large barn roof
Single skin metal and fibre cement cladding are particularly susceptible to condensation issues which can be remedied by the application of sprayed foam to the underside to form a composite substrate, which will also help to alleviate small leaks. The foam is applied to seal all gaps along the length of the eaves, verge and ridge of the building which will also help reduce the transmission of sound from agricultural premises that are being converted to light industrial workshops or commercial storage units. The material can be applied to large areas of cladding in a relatively short period of time to provide a cost-effective solution.

The agricultural industry can benefit enormously from upgrading the insulation of their produce storage facilities. Spray foam will provide a rodent proof environment, which in conjunction with the installation of temperature controlling equipment will enable crops to be stored in pristine condition for a longer period, effectively extending their season and thereby sustaining a better price at market.

Applying spray foam insulation to barn roof cladding, Surrey

The portal frame construction of this large barn on a farm in Surrey enabled the underside of the corrugated big six profile fibre/cement roof cladding to be readily accessed from the working platform of a lightweight mobile scaffold tower incrementally from the eaves to the ridge.

Isotech provided all the plant, machinery and access equipment necessary to carry out the installation safely, effectively and efficiently. Sheet masking is provided to any finished surfaces, fixtures and fittings to protect them from material overspray.

The spray foam insulation is initially applied as a thin priming coat which will provide a key for the subsequently applied material to adhere to satisfactorily. The insulating layers of foam are then built up to the required thickness which is determined by the intended future service use of the building.


Photo of Sprayed Foam Insulation to Large Barn installed by Isotech

Installing spray foam insulation to nursery shed roof, West Sussex

In this instance at a plant nursery in Yapton, near Arundel in West Sussex, the original glazing of this redundant growing shed had been replaced with single skin profiled metal cladding to enable its repurposing as a storage facility for private clients. However, in winter months, the tenant experienced severe condensation issues, which they tried, without success, to cure by providing ridge rotating chimney cowls and eaves ventilation grills.

Isotech was tasked by the building landlord to provide a cost-effective solution to this issue.

Isotech Sprayfoam insulating a glasshouse used for storage in West Sussex (before)
Spray foam insulation applied to a glasshouse used for storage in West Sussex (after)

Access to the underside of the cladding of this building provided many challenges. Not only was the apex of the building in excess of a safe working height for a mobile scaffold tower, but the lightweight metal roof truss construction deemed this an impractical mode of access all but the lower reaches of the roof cladding. Stored goods also dictated that clear working access could not be provided to significant amounts of the floor area.

We therefore opted to dispense the majority of the material required from a mobile elevated working platform (MEWP). The initial priming flash coat was built up to a thickness of just 20mm which is sufficient as an anti-condensation treatment to eliminate the cold surface on which vapour would otherwise form as liquid before dripping onto the precious possessions below.

Upon completion of the spray application of the insulation, all masking materials are removed and the site left clean and tidy.

We have successfully carried out similar applications for classic car and document storage facilities.

Our record of customer satisfaction and continuing commercial success is based on high standards of personal attention from initial visit to final contract completion.

The building’s tenant said of the completed project: “We are beyond thrilled. We would not hesitate to recommend Isotech and to use their services again in the future.”

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