Domestic Roof
Bonding & Insulation

Sprayed polyurethane foam has been successfully used since the mid 1970’s to stabilise, seal and insulate older tile
and slate roofs where no lining is present.

Our confidence in the system is based on the recognised long-term effectiveness of roof-bonding combined with our extensive practical experience of installation. We carry out thorough initial inspections to establish the suitability of this system for your roof and the specification of appropriate remedial repairs where necessary prior to the professional foam application.

The material is based on a CFC free two component foam supplied to us by the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We are approved installers of their British Board of Agrément and Local Authority Building Control certificated systems.

It has a Class 1 certification for surface spread of flame which will not add to the fire hazard in a loft space. We have developed a close working relationship with the technical services department of our suppliers and they are pleased to be involved when additional information and advice is required, such as U-value calculations and condensation risk assessments.

The applied foam has a core density of 32-36 Kg/m3. At normal application depths this adds less than 2 Kg/m2 to the roof structure.
The material is processed through a proportioning pump fitted in our van.

This machine is driven by compressed air and requires electricity from the domestic supply to power switches and the heater block.

A twin heated hose is fed from the van to the point of application in the roof space.
The two components mix at the tip of the spray gun under pressure and are reacting as they are applied to the underside of the roof structure.

The flow of the rising foam seals the gaps which previously allowed the ingress of freezing winds, wind-blown rain, snow and debris.

The foam sets hard in minutes and its exceptional bonding characteristics enable us to confidently guarantee that treated slates or tiles will not slip for a period of at least 20 years.

The insulation qualities of closed cell polyurethane foam are excellent and will reduce the condensation that normally occurs in a roof.

Specific apertures are maintained at the soffits to ventilate the loft space.

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